Norman Manea (ed.) – Romanian Writers on Writing | 2011

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Romanian Writers on Writing

  • Norman Manea (editor)
  • Sanda Cordoş (editor)
  • Carla Baricz (translator)
  • Raluca Manea (translator)

Trinity University Press

Series: The Writer’s World | Publication Date: 2011 | 336 p. in

ISBN-10: 1595340823 | ISBN-13: 978-1595340825


Book Description


Vanity doubled by vitality, vulnerability mixed in with force, and the fear of dissolution intimately linked with the desperate pride of defeating historical time confer upon Romanian literature a special tension, born from wandering and threat. The 81 writers gathered in Romanian Writers on Writing explore this unsettling tension and exemplify the powerful, polyphonic voice of their country’s complex literature. The Writer’s World series features writers from around the globe discussing what it means to write, and to be a writer, in other countries. The series collects a broad range of material and provides access for the first time to a body of work never before gathered in English, or, perhaps, in any language.






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